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People at high risk of contracting HIV can block the virus by taking daily ARV drugs, a treatment known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Mother-to-infant. There are many ways to prevent HIV transmission: Treatment as Prevention, PrEP, PEP for emergencies, condoms, and safer drug use. You should use a latex male condom or a female condom for STD and HIV prevention along with any other method you use to prevent pregnancy. Condoms can prevent.

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Preventing HIV Infection & AIDS · Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to Prevent HIV. For people who do not have HIV, pre-exposure prophylaxis, also known as PrEP, can. One of those is topical microbicides-products designed to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections They can potentially be applied. In Africa, as elsewhere, HIV-prevention messages have included promotion of partner reduction, postponing of sexual debut, alternatives to risky sex, mutually.

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Antiretroviral drugs · HIV drug resistance testing · Organ transplants · Traveling with HIV · Preventing HIV/AIDS · Preventing opportunistic infections · Pre-exposure. Prevention strategiesEdit · Harm reduction and social strategiesEdit · Advertising and campaignsEdit · Sexual contactEdit · Before exposureEdit · After exposureEdit. PREVENT HIV IN ADOLESCENTS | An investment opportunity for the private sector. 2. The opportunity. Across the world, especially in Africa and in many.