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PCR Biosystems offer a wide range of DNA polymerases to best suit your cloning experiment, including standard PCR, high-fidelity PCR and speciality PCR. Rather, PCR involves the synthesis of multiple copies of specific DNA fragments using an enzyme known as DNA polymerase. This method allows for the creation of. The ultimate in flexibility: clone with any amplicon made with any DNA polymerase, with or without 5´ phosphates, purified or not! PCR cloning with low/no.

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Efficiently clone PCR products generated with any thermostable DNA polymerase using Thermo Scientific™ CloneJET™ PCR Cloning Kit, a positive selection system. Sequence-dependent cloning often relies on restriction digestion and ligation, or site-specific recombination. A common strategy involves PCR amplification. PCR Cloning: DNA Vector Construction (shRNA). Altogen Labs offers molecular cloning and subcloning services, DNA sequencing, alignment, and plasmid.

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Invitrogen™ TOPO™ TA Cloning™ Kits are designed for cloning PCR products amplified by Taq DNA polymerase, which leaves an adenine at the 3´ end of the product. In molecular biology, PCR cloning technology can be used to construct recombinant DNA molecules by inserting different sources of specific genes or DNA. The BPS Bioscience Quick PCR™ cloning kit allows for the insertion of multiple DNA fragments into the desired vector in a single reaction.