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Formula to calculate gear pump displacement. Q = π x b x (da. 2 – a2.) 2. Q = Displacement cm. 3. /rev. b = Gear Width cm. (see photo 1). Example: The input horsepower required for a pump that needs to provide 10 GPM at psi is: horsepower. Hydraulic Horse Power is a measure of the. VARIABLE. Fluid Pressure - P · Fluid Flow Rate - Q · Fluid Power in Horsepower - HP ; WORD FORMULA WITH UNITS. (PSI) = Force (Pounds) / Area (Sq. In.) GPM= Flow .

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Hydraulic Formulas · Hydraulic Power · Geometric Flow Rate (Cylinders) · Velocity of Fluid in Pipe. The theoretical flow is calculated by multiplying a hydraulic pump's displacement per revolution by its driven speed. For example; if a hydraulic pump has a. Parker Hannifin Corporation. Mobile Cylinder Division. Youngstown, OH. Formulas. HYDRAULIC PUMP EQUATIONS. Horsepower Required to Drive Hydraulic Pump.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator,Hydraulic Power Unit Calculator,Hydraulic Pump Calculator,Hydraulic Pipe Calculator,Hydraulic Power Pack Calculations. Use the utility below for calculating the Theoretical Cubic Inches Displacement Per Shaft Revolution (C.I.R) of a pump by measuring its internal parts. Do I use a lot of math in my day to day "hydraulic challenges"? I am referring to the gear pump displacement calculation - something I do all the time.