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But is debt consolidation a good option for you? On the positive side, debt consolidation usually allows you to lower your interest rate and get a reduced. This type of loan could be an especially good option if you can find one with a lower interest rate, as it could reduce the total interest you're paying on. However, as a debt consolidation loan will usually have a lower interest rate than your existing financial products, you may find you could borrow over a.

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Consolidating your debt into a single personal loan can combine the savings of a lower interest rate with the convenience of a single payment each month. Read. Why get a debt consolidation loan? · One easy monthly payment at a fixed rate · Manage your debts from one place · Potentially reduce your monthly outgoings · Check. The amount you can borrow, loan term, interest rate and your repayments will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Secured floating interest rates from.

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When you get a LightStream debt consolidation loan, it's a streamlined online loan process that gives you the choice of your funding date and repayment terms. While a debt consolidation loan won't reduce the amount you owe, it can make your repayments cheaper if you find a loan with a lower interest rate. If you're. Here's how a Discover personal loan can help you consolidate debt and save · Lower your interest rate · Make one fixed payment a month · Pay off creditors directly.