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Lentiviral vectors: Prepare all vector plasmids with Qiagen Maxiprep kits, Mix lentiviral transfer vector and packaging vectors in ul of DMEM in an. Describes all most recent advances in lentivirus vector technology. Introduces lentiviral vectors as therapeutic tools for nervous and inherited disorders. shRNA Lentiviral Particles Transduction. Day 1. Plate target cells in a well plate 24 hours prior to viral infection. Add 1 ml of complete optimal medium.

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Lentivirus and Retrovirus basic biology. Shay/Wright Protocol: Handling Retroviral or Lentiviral Supernatants. Before doing TC involving viral. protocol that closely aligns with your experimental conditions for optimal results. Do your research. Aliquot the virus. Freeze-thaw decreases lentivirus. IACUC Protocol # (if applicable) *Lentiviral-specific Training: No one is allowed to work with lentivirus without having prior training by the Principal.

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2 Protocol for transduction of lentiviral particles. Gene silencing protocol using SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNAs. Transfection of HEK cells with Lentiviral DNA to produce lentivirus in a 10cm plate. 1. Eighteen to twenty-four hours prior to transfection, seed x Virus Production and Titering ; 3, Cas9/shRNA/sgRNA/ORF Large Scale Lentiviral Production (T flasks), ; 4, Viral Titering Protocol (alamarBlue).