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Tech Safety Lines offers the patented StepWise® Dual Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard. The StepWise® contains a built-in webbed ladder that automatically deploys. Fall arrest lanyards have various types of connections at the 'working end', this depend on the proposed work activity and anchor point available. The energy. (3) Lanyards and vertical lifelines shall have a minimum breaking strength of 5, pounds. (4) Except as provided in Section (b)(5), when vertical.

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Lanyards used for your fall arrest system must contain a shock absorber that limits the. Lanyards: A flexible strap that has a connector at each end for connecting the body harness to an anchorage point. Inspection: Inspect lanyard prior to donning. There are two different types of lanyards: positioning lanyards, which control where you're physically able to move to in order to keep you from entering a fall.

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With a webbed ladder built into the shock pack, Tech Safety Lines' award winning fall arrest lanyard comes in varying configurations for many industries. A fall protection lanyard (or safety lanyard) is a set length of rope, webbing, or wire rope. Designs often incorporate an internal or external shock absorbing. Calculating Total Fall Clearance Distance for Fall Arrest Systems with a Shock-absorbing Lanyard; Calculating Free Fall Distance; Examples.