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introduced camera-based photocopying machines in or , and the Photostat Corp. (an affiliate of Eastman Kodak) did so at some point during A photocopier is a machine that makes copies of documents and other visual images onto paper or plastic film quickly and cheaply. Most modern photocopiers. This is an in-depth guide into the printer and photocopier industry, Printing, or rather image duplicating can be dated back to as early as BCE.

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There's a light-sensitive photoreceptor inside the machine that first attracts and then transfers toner particles onto plain paper to form a copy of a document. The first fully automatic photocopier was introduced by the Xerox Corporation in It was called the , and it could make copies per minute on any. The toner is heat sensitive, so the loose toner particles are attached (fused) to the paper with heat as soon as they come off the drum. The drum, or belt.

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Chester Carlson demonstrating an early model Xerox copier First, a photoconductive surface is given a positive electrical charge. The Xerox was the first commercially successful automatic office copier. Using Chester Carlson's xerography process, documents were produced. Pen Pal: How Edison's Early Copy Machine Reinvented Tattooing Thomas Edison received 1, patents during his lifetime for inventions that include the light.