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Need to file your U.S. federal income tax return (Form )? Our service includes all of the forms typically needed for U.S. expats. Leaders in Expat Tax Returns for US Citizens and Green Card Holders in the Middle East, Australia and Canada. Local offices in Dubai, Melbourne and Austin. Are you a citizen of the United States who lives abroad? You probably know America is one of only two countries that taxes its citizens on their worldwide.

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US expats who are deemed residents or ROR will be taxed on income earned worldwide. Non-residents and NROR American expats will only be taxed on the income that. While virtually all expats are required to file a US tax return, most American expats do not owe US taxes. The US has put several important deductions. The good news is that most expats don't end up paying any taxes to the IRS. There are a plethora of tax deductions which we will utilize that allow taxpayers to.

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The short answer is yes. As an American, you must file U.S. taxes and report annual income even if you are a citizen of a foreign country. If you are a U.S. The U.S. and U.K. tax systems are fairly easy to understand on their own. U.S. Expats in the U.K.: Understanding the Complexities of the Two Tax Systems. Federal Tax for non residents or for US citizens living abroad, get your expat taxes done wherever you are in the world. Get Started with USA Expat Taxes.