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The Bachelor of Arts in Communications is offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Grand Canyon University. It examines interpersonal and. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication readies students for a broad range of media-related positions. Students in this course of study should expect to further. The communication arts major offers a liberal arts approach to studying communication. The value of the liberal arts approach is that students not only.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media is designed to provide you the expertise, skills and adaptability necessary to succeed in professional. This Bachelor of Arts program centers on the scientific study of communication, including its processes and effects. Students may take courses related to. A degree in Communication Studies focuses on how humans use symbols, both verbal and nonverbal, to inform or persuade other individuals as they create meaning.

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In the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program you create advertising, public relations, and social media campaigns for real clients, all while learning. Bachelor's degree in communications graduates will be prepared to engage with individuals across cultures, solve problems in a diverse context, and lead from. The tools of how and why we communicate are ever changing, but effective communication shares common fundamental principles. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in.