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Discover our specialist Tenants Content insurance. Whether you are renting a house or apartment, we cover against damage, theft, liability and more. IN THIS ARTICLE. Short-term rentals/Primary residence; Long-term rentals/Second home; Renters insurance. SHARE THIS. If you live in a shared home or flat, Renters Insurance covers the things you covered while you're living in a shared house, flat or university halls.

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Generally, this kind of insurance will cover items left at home up to an amount specified on your policy. So you can choose the amount of cover that's best for. Protect your possessions with home insurance for tenants and renters. Whether you're a local authority tenant or rent privately from a landlord, our home. Therefore, you only need to worry about getting cover for things you own. Get a Quote. tenant-panel2-friends-s-compressor. Shared Accommodation. Many renting.

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with a partner or as a family; If you live in shared housing and have a joint tenancy agreement, your contents insurance will need to be in joint names. What's covered by shared house insurance? · Credit card theft · Legal liability if an accident occurs at the insured address · Temporary accommodation costs if the. Our tenants insurance is perfect if you're a tenant or renting a property. Our renters insurance covers your household items including money, valuables.