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Most homeowners insurance policies insure bicycles. Understand when you're covered and when you may need a specialized bike insurance policy. Specialist commuter cover by Laka. No excess, up to £2m of liability cover, theft away from home and damage cover for your bike and gear with Laka's 5-star. If you bike, walk, carpool, or bus, we'll give you great prizes just for rethinking your commute and logging your trips! We'll also create special challenges to.

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Direct Line cycling insurance covers you, your bike & all your adventures. Whether that's at home, commuting, racing, off-roading or abroad. For commuters, urban riders and casual cyclists, Essentials offers cover for accidental damage (at home and while out riding), vandalism and theft, personal. Whether you cycle to work or ride your bike for sport, bicycle insurance protects Whether you commute on a road bike, hit the trails on a mountain bike.

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Great news: Bike insurance is way less complicated than you'd expect! A helicopter airlift will never be necessary on your morning commute, but if you. Bicycle Insurance by Yellow Jersey. Instant online quotes for bicycle and travel insurance, or submit and manage cycle insurance claims. The number of accidents involving bicycles is increasing. It is advisable, therefore, to enroll in an insurance plan (please refer to Insurance programs for.